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At STRATUM 9, High Performance has been defined and measured, so that individuals at any level can identify where they are on the spectrum of human performance and take the steps necessary to attain new milestones of success in career and life.

Our innovative approach to personal improvement ensures that progress is positive, connected, and authentic—never negative or discouraging. We provide a fair and intellectual framework for individuals and teams to self-assess and communicate effectively, fostering a supportive environment that boosts personal growth, health, and career performance.

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The Stratum 9 Frame Work

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Step: 1

Take the S-9 Self-assessment

Begin your journey to optimized performance by taking our comprehensive S-9 Self-assessment. Here you will learn how to use the 9 Stratums of Performance learning scale, so you may measure your proficiency across 45 performance-based skills, spanning five categories of human performance.

Upon completion, you will receive customized feedback that outlines your current stratum, providing you with a clear baseline of where you stand. With this knowledge in hand, Stratum 9 will guide you to your personalized starting point, setting the stage for targeted development and performance optimization. Your path to reaching new heights in personal and professional growth starts here.

Coming Soon: S-9 360 Assessment
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Step: 2

My Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard reflects the baseline results of your S-9 Self-assessment and tracks your progress to high-performance. In addition, the performance dashboard is filled with interactive tools designed to:

  • Form daily routines and ingrain strong habits that drive performance.

  • Define a pathway to personal goals and milestones and track your progress.

  • Explore other tools and resources designed to optimize your performance.

With daily feedback, the S-9 Performance Dashboard will keep you motivated, on track, and produce results.

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Step: 3

Form or Join a PPAU (Peer-To-Peer Accountability Unit)

At its core, a Peer-To-Peer Accountability Unit (PPAU) is a group of individuals who have come together to support and hold each other accountable in pursuit of their personal and professional goals. Unlike traditional accountability structures, which often involve hierarchical relationships, a PPAU fosters a collaborative and equal partnership among its members.

Through the unique framework of the S-9 PPAU module, a structure for consistent daily personal growth becomes habit, and empowers its members to take ownership of their actions and outcomes—elevating their performance.

Step: 4

S-9 Performance Library

The S-9 Performance Library is your gateway to targeted development, offering a suite of performance focused resources and practical applications designed to elevate each of the 45 Performance-based Skills.

Our curated selection of 9th Stratum Performance Leaders brings you concise, engaging podcast-style videos, ranging from 3 to 5 minutes, along with captivating reels. Our experts distill complex techniques into clear, actionable practices that you can implement right away to enhance your performance.

You can also create your own library and save your discoveries from external sources—creating a personalized content library of strategies and insights that align with your unique developmental path.

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Stratum 9 for Organizations

Stratum 9 offers a distinctive approach to enhancing team performance and personal development within organizations. Through interactive workshops and custom software, Stratum 9 empowers leaders and employees to reach new levels of performance by aligning their personal growth with the organization's objectives, thereby building teams that are not only skilled but also adaptive, collaborative, and driven.

The end result— High performing employees and high functioning teams.

Result Driven Approach

At STRATUM 9, we teach leaders of organizations and their employees how to develop learning habits so they can be self-sufficient and accountable to improving their own performance, and realizing their full potential.

Individuals will experience a new awareness of how they can optimize their performance, while building strong team mentality of accountability and support of one another.

The Stratum 9 Advantage

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Elevate Critical Performance-based Skills

The S-9 Self-assessment and the 9 Stratums of Performance offer leaders and employees a language to give and receive feedback, and improve in both their careers and personal lives.

Unlike usual grading systems that only look at job skills, Stratum 9 gives a smarter way to grow. It covers important skills needed for top performance that are usually overlooked.

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Navigate Improvement Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Our platform offers leaders and employees a unique tool unlike traditional LMSs. Employees won't have to struggle to find ways to enhance Performance-based Skills that are often marked as 'needs improvement' in reviews.

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Empower High-Performance Talent Acquisition

Using the S-9 Strategic Recruitment System (SRS), we assist organizations in pinpointing essential skills for top performance in any job. We then equip team members and hiring managers with the tools and questions for insightful and precise interviews, guaranteeing the hiring of high-performing talent.

Contact us today to discuss how STRATUM 9 can impact your company’s performance.

Every day, we make the choice to improve our performance and that of the people around us. With STRATUM 9, the choice becomes easier, and high performance becomes attainable.

Contact us at to schedule an informative discussion with our leadership to learn more about how STRATUM 9 can be utilized to improve performance within your organization.